On Blogging Leave – Back on 13th Sept 2010

I am on blogging leave from today, 25th August until 13th September.

But coming up in the autumn when I return ……..

The Grenade starts boarding school – GULP!!!

Hagar goes to the Afghan beach – GULP!!!

The official launch of Go-To-Spa-Mum

Toyology hits the military community

Thank you so much for reading the blog to-date. If you are a newbie, please take time to have a look around and also peruse some of the archive posts. I hope to be well rested and raring to go when I return but as I am spending most of this time with Hagar and the kids no doubt I’ll actually be coming home for a rest.

In the meantime, please subscribe to the blog and then when I fire one out you’ll know that I am back in blogging play. No deserting me now – without you all reading the blog it would be no fun.

I’ll be back soon Button Moon. Don’t be a stranger now.

A little taster of what’s to come:

An email from Hagar heading to the Stan back in 2008

“Hiya Babe, it was nice to speak to you last night, although I couldn’t really make out what The Grenade was saying….doh.

We are in Qatar right now, as the flights do not quite connect up right – frustrating as i just want to crack on now, I hope it is not the same on the way home! Anyway, the flight was fine, around 6 hours and 2 of us had a bulkhead row of 4 seats so i had plenty of elbow and leg room through the flt. The food was so, so – a cooked brekkie of sorts and chicken for lunch. We arrived in Qatar around 1900 their time and then spent the next couple of hours being briefed and moved from one place to another before finally getting allocated our tent to kip in, which had around 40 bunk beds in it. The temp is quite cool so there was no heat problem – which was nice. I dumped my kit and then headed out for some scoff with our int bird. We had an ice cream milk shake then medium pizza each – very romantic. Anyway, after that we mossied over to the ‘Bra’ or station bar which is a huge tent in the shape of a Bra (if seen from above) a clever play on words…… They were in the throws of karaoke which was quite entertaining and we chatted to some spams for a while which was equally entertaining! Then had a decaf coffee with some engineers I knew from old and then i headed of for a kip in the big tent.

Woke up about midday, which was nice and am about to go get some lunch. We head of in a few of hours so that we get to our destination in the dark and then the work will begin after a bit of settling in.

I miss you guys terribly, it is hard for all of us, me going away. Hopefully this is the last time for a couple of years. I will work on trying to come home a week earlier but dont bank on it at all babe.

Thank you for sorting out the move stuff – I forgot to phone that chap last Sunday, as I meant to, to find out his plans, I guess I got caught up in packing – but overall the plans seem good? Keep me posted, as will I to you.

Give The Grenade a massive hug from me please, hopefully the time on this det will fly past, as of tomorrow we are 2 days in already!

I love you very much babe, look after yourself and use people to help you, they are all very willing, you just have to ask.

Speak to you soon, when I get my welfare card sorted!

Love you”


12 thoughts on “On Blogging Leave – Back on 13th Sept 2010

  1. Well done here! People in the UK-US need to know what happens after their Marines and soldiers leave for war – they’re not just faceless guys in flak and kevlar, but fathers, sons, boyfriends. Keep writing!!

  2. Doh! Have worked out how to leave a comment finally – I was looking for the link at the bottom not the top. You can tell I’ve been brainwashed by blogger. Have a good break – looking forward to your next post.

  3. Just got your call to arms 😉 and as is my duty, Ma’am, I am here and giving you some big bloggy love.

    Of course you are missed – bloody typical, I find a nice blog to read, and then the mare ups sticks and goes off on holiday!! What’s that all about?!?

    PS. Please can you pinch Hagar’s bottom – if you’re going to nick my husband, the least you can do is abuse him like I would!! 😀

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