Talking Heads – The Grenade’s Boarding De-Brief

So we have all survived the first week and as you can see from the video The Grenade is not too traumatised by the experience. As if he would be – it’s an awesome school and it’s a privilege for him to attend it. Hagar and I are thankful every second of everyday of the opportunity this gives him to progress. The Mormons say ‘show me the boy at 7 years old and I’ll show you the man.’ These formative years are critical to his evolution and Hagar and I will do whatever we can to give him the best chance possible for his future.

What I hadn’t factored into the experience was how I would feel. I had been so focused on how to protect him as much as possible that I hadn’t even considered the impact that it would have on me. Part of this was exacerbated by the fact that I wasn’t able to have any access to him. I couldn’t connect with him. We have been separated before but I have always been able to Skype him or phone him. Usually the separation occurs because I am working so occupied. It was weird to be at home, not busy and not have him at home. The silence was deafening. The first night he was at school, I pined and fretted – unsure and uncertain of how he was coping and utterly disconnected. In fact I had a nightmare that night, which was the first one I had experienced in a very long time. But then the morning came and I had an email reassuring me that all was well and I could relax a little. It’s the hormones and emotions isn’t it? They are drugs coarsing around the body, spinning out of control, fighting and overpowering the rational self.

And relax because so far so good and onwards and upwards. Rest assured we know and appreciate how lucky we are and are incredibly thankful for it.

On a brighter note two wifely functions of the community variety are pending. First, is Diva’s Dine In, which is a wife only meal in the officers mess for other officers wives to mingle. This is an RAF affair. It used to be called Ladies Supper Night; but about 5 years ago, I felt that it was a bit dull and stuffy, so I re-branded it Diva’s Dine In, and so forth it was called. The other is ‘Drinks & Dips’, which is a patch affair. Now, as we are living in overflow quarters, we live amongst a mixed community, and by mixed I mean, Army, Navy and RAF. I don’t think it is truly appreciated how the three service are culturally different but I am hoping to coerce some other wives in to join in the tribal wives meme and then we can reveal all. I shall be bringing you blogs hot off the press from both of these little functionettes.

In October, I am hosting ‘Drinks & Dips’ and I am so excited because Catherine Jones, AKA Annie Jones, AKA Kate Lace AKA the author of ‘Gumboots and Pearls’ is coming over as guest of honour. Then the next morning we are heading over to BBC Radio Surrey to speak to Nick Wallis who introduced me to her famous book in the first place. Speaking to Catherine today on the ‘dog n bone’, she assures me that it’s only 30,000 words and I’ll be able to read it in a whole bathtime. We are even talking about collaborating on an updated version. Although I am an RAF wife and she was an army wife, and to be honest all the services are very different, and the men hunt for all together different kind of gal, but I am sure we’ll be able to map something out that is easy to devour. Watch this space from the latest news from the domestic frontline as the craziness unfolds! Hagar is good as gone but I am soldiering on! Thankfully, he leaves me in control of the finances. Mwah ha ha ha!!


26 thoughts on “Talking Heads – The Grenade’s Boarding De-Brief

    • It’s because you are a nun isn’t it! Yes, I think it was the bloody Jesuits!! I stand corrected. I am not changing it though so you comment doesn’t make you look like a Mormon or is it moron – or is that me for getting it wrong in the first place!

  1. Well done you! I have another week before exeat, as my 2 are full boarders at different schools, missing them like mad at the moment, it is too quiet and too tidy! Like you I live on a “purple patch” and we all tend to take the mickey out of each-others’ husbands respective bit of the armed forces. What does unite us is missing our husbands when they are away, to board or not to board, local schools and buckets of wine! Maybe you ought to ask Catherine Jones if she minds you updating it – “Ugg boots and Pearls”…

  2. glad to hear your little monster is coping well, much better than his mother by the sounds of it 😉

    And how very exciting the news about Catherine Jones is and an updated version collaboration sounds wonderful! I hope you do it, i’d love to read it. Please do get some of the forces wives to write their version of tribal wives too, that would make for some very interesting reading.

    Keep up the good work lady xxx

  3. Interesting to read about Divas Dine In and Drinks and Dips – I too live on the patch at Odiham but on the Other Side, and so I have to resort to Wacca Bingo in the Hive if I want to socialise with other wives in my situation! I would really welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals living nearby. Just wondered what your views were on the great divide?

    • Ah THE OTHER SIDE!!! I lived at Odiham for 5 years on the patch there and I did call it ‘The Other Side’ in a sort of League of Gentleman joke way but I am not adverse to crossing the road and mingling. I found the snobbery was more reverse snobbery and the other side had more of problem with mingling with us then the other way around in my case but i know that Officer’s wives can be funny about cross mingling too – but I am not one of those myself. Divas Dine In is Officers Wives only because it’s in the Officer’s Mess but I am up for helping you create a dinner night for all if you like – we need to find some neutral ground. I have never heard of Wacca Bingo in the Hive – when is that? Email me: and we can concoct a plan 😉

  4. Soooo Precious. What a sweetie the Grenade is, to share such a video with you. You both have the same nose profile.

    Recently, my 47 year old “baby” thanked me for the valuable lessons I had taught him so his transition into adulthood was easier. That made me misty eyed with gratitude because I never knew if I was doing what was right or not. It was all a heart thing.

    It’s sweet to watch you with the Grenade and you too, are following your heart to prepare him for what he will need in life. I like the way he sets his mind to the middle for the new school when he really hasn’t decided yet. Hang onto these moments, because I know how hard it is for you to believe me “now” but they’ll be gone in a blink. Lord, woman, I still think I’m in my 20’s. Ha

  5. He sounds so thrilled with the set up at school which is absolutely wonderful! How brilliant the have glow in the dark insect duvets! Not quite like Tom Browns Boarding School is it these days. You’re doing so well. xx

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