Missed The Float

First of all, I have to apologise because I have missed the float. Yes, yes, yes – my allocated Toys R Us Toyologist carnival slot was Sunday 24th October and I am 4 whole days late in delivering my carnival offer. I have been flying solo for a while and I completely underestimated the destructive capabilities of The Menace. I might have just taken on a snipsy bit more then I can chew and also, am Monica so need to keep the house tidy! Excuses, excuses, I know but I have been jogging to stand still recently. Anyway Hagar is back for a bit so I am taking full advantage so that I can get back in the game.

But to make up for it I am giving away a stash of toys (see pic):

1.) Phineas and Ferb Secret Notebook and Pen RRP: £7.99
Keep all your secret agent plans safe with the Phineas and Freb secret design notebook and pen! Use the UV pen to jot down your plans which can only be revealed using the UV torch.

2.) Galt Bouncy Balls Kit RRP: £5.99
Create yoru own cool bouncy balls from coloured crystals. simply layer the crystals and place in water for a few minutes to see your creations form.

3.) Snazaroo Boy Face Painting Kit RRP:£9.99
Paint children’s face using these hyper-allergenic and non-toxic water-based face paints, which are easy to remove and come with a handy step-by-step guide. Includes eight different colours, a brush and sponge.

4.) Twister RRP: £12.97
The game that ties you up in knots. This is classic family game.

5.) Sticky Mosiacs Dinosaurs £14.99
Get creative with this fun maosiacs by numbers craft set that includes 3,000 sticky foam pieces, 4 sparkling dinosaur designs and 4 wall hangers for displaying masterpieces.

And as bonus – I am going to add in the Ant Sphere because I am not going to get around to collecting any ants.

You have until the 11th November to enter into the prize draw – all you have to do is answer this simple question:

Brucie Forsyth used to say this legendary catchphrase on the TV classic, mandatory Saturday night viewing, the Generation Game

Question: What do points make?

Email your answers to me at:

Plus, I have mistressfully (female version of masterfully) created a few of them there review videos on my You Tube Channel

The remaining carnivals are taking place here:

Thursday 28th October Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes

Saturday 30th October The Babbling Mummy

Sunday 31st October A Mother’s Ramblings

Tuesday 2nd November Are we nearly there yet, Mummy?

Monday 8th November Sticky Fingers

And another two boxes of toys arrived today!! But it’s great and I love it. I am not complaining because the toys are toys that I would never think to buy. It has really opened my eyes to what engages the children and it has been a constant surprise.

We are delighted to be Toys R Us Toyologists, so thank you very much Toys R Us. I am hoping to set up some Toys R Us Toyology tea parties so watch this space. If you are part of the military community and you think your childcare centre would benefit from a stash of toys for the kids to test then, please email me at:



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