Me, Restrepo and Brendan O’Byrne

I am stuck on Planet Restrepo and I can’t get off. I didn’t sit on the side of that mountain and get pounded by gunman that wanted to shoot at Americans but I am somehow inextricably tied into this film and no matter how much I yell ‘stop the bus I want to get off’ I keep getting pulled back in.

So after running around like a nutter doing Halloween type shenanigans and filling my kids full of sugar, I then had the privilege of chewing the fat with the utterly gorgeous Brendan O’Byrne, the poster boy from Restrepo and one of the US intrepid serviceman that stood on a mountain for his country and defended his position against any enemy that fancied shooting at some Americans.

Each interview has a something to offer so I think you should take the time to listen. I do seem to have a little bit of interview tourettes – sorry! Me and my potty mouth!

One last time…tomorrow….see RESTREPO @ the Farnham Maltings, Farnham, Surrey, 7pm, buy your £6 tickets on the door.

It’s really hard pre-hype to explain how significant this film is when it’s full significance has yet to be realised. But trust me, it’s important. It is significant. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity, get off your f*cking, lazy arse and get to this screening and watch this goddamn film.

You know I can’t even get off the bus yet after the screening because the Great Lord Junger, writing Diety, and all round legend, has agreed to an interview with me after the 7th November. This is what I mean. Just when you think it’s all over, then the Universe dangles this big juicy carrot in front of me, and I have to let the path run it’s course. I can hardly turn down the opportunity to chat with Sebastian Junger now can I? Would you?


10 thoughts on “Me, Restrepo and Brendan O’Byrne

  1. Hmmm; thinking about your post a few weeks ago about the disconnect you feel when on base…now you know why – that just means you’re not a REMF, but feel more connected with those in the field who put themselves at risk. S/F

    • I just love adventure. I could never be in the military though Andrew – too many rules. I am a free spirit – obviously, now I understand the military facilitates that freedom. I guess I spend a lot of time looking and trying to work out WTF is going on. I like to solve puzzles and this is one puzzle I would like to crack. Initially, I didn’t understand that they hadn’t seen it coming. I figured they always knew. Now, I get it but it’s not for me to fix it. Blokes need to do this with their buddies not their families. Thanks for checking out the interviews. I think you’ll enjoy part 4 if you have the time.

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  3. Indeed the Universe keeps dangling this RESTREPO carrot in front of me also. I can’t really explain why I’ve seen the film 3 times and am planning a fourth some time this week. As long as it dangles, I will grab it.

    Brendan is a wonderful person. I say this not having met him…yet. From what I’ve read and know from SJ, I feel I can say that without any doubt. I confess to an active potty mouth at times myself.

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