Three Milly Mums Restrepo Screening

14 days ago, Steph, Faith and I decided f*ck it we were going to become Dogwoof Film Ambassadors because we wanted to see if we could make a success of bringing the film Restrepo to the military and local community. We liked the idea of being involved in a franchise business that was about film. Steph had a media background in a previous life, I studied film as part of my BA hons at university, and Faith, had just successfully grown, and deployed into full time education, two children and was up for something to do other than cleaning her pots and pans. All three of us love film. In fact, it has always been a huge part of my life since I was child. I was an avid watcher of the black and white films on a Saturday morning on BBC 2. I fell in, school girl, love with Dirk Bogarde – one of my biggest life disappointments was when I learned that he was gay. Why are the best looking men always gay?

In the 10 days to promote the screening:

1.) We plugged it mercilessly on The Army Rumour Service

2.) We dropped 500 flyers into the letterboxes of military homes

3.) I did an interview with BBC Sussex

4.) I did an interview with Garrison FM

5.) Bad CO very generously donated an advertising linky on the top page that had over 800 click throughs

6.) We put posters up at as many garrisons and messes that we could get into

7.) We advertised in some of the internal newsletters

8.) We texted and emailed people we knew

9.) It was promoted on the ARRSE newsletter

10.) We even managed to get it on the Defence Intranet

11.) We sent a press release to over 400 media, defence, news and local.

12.) we put posters up everywhere

We needed a 100 to break even.

In the end we sold 91 tickets. I think we were down a couple of quid each but we all agreed it was worth it for the experience. If Restrepo gets nominated for an Oscar, or even wins an Oscar, I would love to do another Ambassador screening at the Farnham Maltings. Even though the DVD will have been released it still really needs to be seen on the big screen to be appreciated.

The screening was last night at the Farnham Maltings and I am delighted to say it was a success. The live skype link up with Tim Hetherington, the co-director was a bit sketchy, but it was a genuine and authentic introduction from the big man himself. Thank you to Tim for taking the time out of his day to link up with our screening.

This is what the audience thought:

Here is my Restrepo journey so far:

Sometime in July I reviewed War by Sebastian Junger for the ARRSE Book Club

August 10th – I was invited to a preview of Restrepo

August 18th – I reviewed the film in my blog post Men and War

September 25th – I was in the midst of chaos working out how to interview Maj Dan Kearney

October 3rd – I somehow, with a lot of Red Bull inside me, at 2am, interviewed the straight talking and super cool, Maj Dan Kearney and then worked out how to edit and upload the interview

October 6th – I went to meet and interview the delicious Mr Tim Hetherington esquire with a snipsy hangover.

October 8th – I attended the launch of Indfidel by Tim Hetherington and blogged very emotionally about whether women watch war films or not?

October 18th – I played a very cheesy 80s video (please watch – so awful!!) and punted our screening!!

November 1st – I talked to the utterly gorgeous and bouncy Brendan O’Byrne.

Last stop – now is Sebastian Junger and my journey will be complete. I can’t wait to speak to him.

I have heard he can fell a women with just a smile – or is it tree? He used to be a lumberjack. Marlboro’ man-tastic. He’s definitely a hottie. Will he be hotter than Hetherington though, now that is the question?


8 thoughts on “Three Milly Mums Restrepo Screening

  1. Gosh….Sebastian is rather damn handsome…..if you need someone to hold your hand whilst interviewing him then I’m your gal πŸ˜‰ You’ve done such a fab job with promoting this hunny…..well done xx

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