A Bumper Pre-Christmas Giveaway

Have a mentioned that I am a Toys R Us Toyologist? I am sure I have. What is that I hear you ask? Basically, Toys R Us every two weeks send me a massive box toys for my kids to test and then I find some exciting way to pimp them out on the blog and my You Tube Channel.

If you are stuck for present ideas this Christmas then all of my Toyology reviews can be found here, or alternatively you can pop over to my You Tube Channel which can be found here

However, I can’t believe I am saying this, but there are more toys then we can possibly cope with, and so, I have decided to run a pre-Christmas giveaway to un-burden myself with these toys.

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Scalectric Start Grand Prix Set (£69.99)
This great Scaletric Grand Prix Set allows you to design and decorate your own cars and then race against your opponent to become Grand Prix champion on the 1:32 track. the new simple fit track and skill level hand controllers let you control the speed making this set perfect for beginners and professionals.

Lego Creator Jet Set (£44.99)
Fantastic construction fun with Lego creator Jet models! Build up to 3 high-speed vehicles: supersonic jet, dual prop plane or high-speed boat with this awesome set.

KNex Construction Case (£9.99)
The original KNex parts, connectors and the micro and brick KNex parts help create the ultimate building experience. Includes construction ideas to create 10 different vehicles ranging from simple to more difficult builds to satisfy builders of all levels.

Blast Lab Messy Mess (£14.99)
This Blast Lab Mess Mess Science set has lots of messy, gloopy experiments to try out using items found in most homes. Make slime, mouldy soap and stink bombs.

Blast Lab It’s Possi-Bubble (£16.99)
This ‘It’s Possi-bubble’ science kit has lots of bubble based experiments to try out, blow a bubble inside a bubble, catch a bubble in a jar, or freeze a bubble are just a few of the ideas!

(Prize value a WHOPPING £156.95!!!!)

To enter into the competition this is your mission:

1.) Subscribe to my blog
2.) Like the Facebook Toys R Us page – click here and write on the wall saying that AMMM sent you

Once you have done that send me an email to:

and you will be entered into the draw.

UK entries only, I am afraid. Closing date: 1st December.

Toy R Us are currently recruiting for Toyologists for the last 2 boxes pre-Christmas so if you fancy yourself as a toy reviewer then head over to the Toys R Us UK Facebook page and put your pitch in. The Facebook page can be found here.


8 thoughts on “A Bumper Pre-Christmas Giveaway

  1. You certainly have your hands full, Lego, Kinnex, scalectic, I can`t go on, it`s fantastic, just to win one of these for my grandchildren ,(there`s 11 of them) would be enough but to win all that would be great, you toyologists have been doing wonderful things lately putting toys up for grabs.

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