Rear Ended

Monday, I was in fairly heavy, stop-start traffic and so, I stopped to let a woman, in a car, out of a junction. Whilst stationary, a teenager in a VW Golf drove into the back of our Discovery at 40 mph. The impact was fairly significant, and I had both the kids in the car. It was a shock to us all. They both started crying. I was able to pull the car away and park on the side. The road was busy so I had no choice but to leave them strapped in the car, bawling, while I gathered the necessary data.

I was seriously expecting the back of the love truck to be in a mangled mess and was shocked to discover that in fact – it seemed to have only cracked the bumper. I think that put me a little bit deeper into shock. Especially, when I looked at the mangled mess of the car belonging to the teenage boy, with the diamond earing in his lug hole, stood stunned, smoking at the side of the road. Fortunately, no-one was hurt but his shiny, blue, new Golf was a steaming, crumpled shadow of it’s former self. Both the airbags had engaged and their was smoke coming out of the centre console.

He had been turning up the radio and simply hadn’t seen that I had stopped and so drove at speed into the back of me. He, and his home boy sidekick were lucky to be alive. I didn’t feel angry but more concerned for this poor kid who just learnt a hard lesson fast. It made me think about what life is going to be like when The Grenade gets older and he thinks he is the mutt’s nuts. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be young and one day my son could be this kid on the side of the street a cat’s whisker away from death. I felt helpless and I realised that I can’t protect him from himself and that like this boy he is going to have to learn life’s lessons the hard way. All I can do is guide, teach, bollock, scream, have moments of parental mentalism, watch and hope.

This philosophical, magnanimous spirit might all change – Hagar’s away, of course! I now have the admin to sort out of getting the car fixed, and deal with the insurance. My insurance company haven’t managed to trace the kid’s insurance details yet. If it ends up costing me and becomes a major hassle I might be feeling less empathetic.

I had to take The Grenade to boarding school but so far they say he is ok. The Menace hasn’t slept properly since it happened and has been bouncing around like Tigger on acid so needless to say I am on the edge of hallucinating from sleep deprivation. Plus I have a headache and a sore neck – a house and business to run. I have had better days.

I drive a blue car – the cars just don’t interest me and this is a ‘blue’ job or ‘man’ job as far as I am concerned. I wish that Hagar was here to pick up this mantle. This is definitely his jurisdiction. I wouldn’t never have chosen a Discovery but on Monday, it proved to be a sage and wizened choice of motor by his Lordship, and I am pleased we were poncing around in the Chelsea tractor because we could have been so much worse off today.


26 thoughts on “Rear Ended

  1. Oh god how awful, I hope you are your children are ok and recovering well. I too have been rear ended whilst stationary with my two children in the car, thankfully my husband was with me and dealth with everything. Even though I was driving I was in total shock and simply didn’t know how to deal with the situation. I think you have done extremely well to have dealt with your ordeal, best wishes, Donna.

  2. I was rear ended at traffic lights by a woman who was simultaneously shouting at her kid in the back and lighting a fag. I had whiplash as a result. I was sat and could see her powering towards me whilsy looking the wrong way. it was horrible. What was worse though was that her husband called my work (it was a company car) and tried to get them to give him my hone address becuase he thought I was lying. Some people shouldn’t be on the roads. I’m thinking your teenager might be one. Thanks goodness the three of you are OK

    • What a nightmare! Good job you didn’t give them your home address. How irresponsible of you to be stationary at a red light! What were you thinking? I know I watched him coming too. He will definitely have learnt his lesson.

  3. God sorry to hear that. And wow you are amazing that you are concerned for the teenager who did it. It’s times like this you really miss Hagar I guess. I am such a wet blanket I don’t even drive on the motorway just take the long way on the regular roads!

  4. I was t boned around three months ago, got out of the car and it was a young student. She was close to freaking out, so I put on my calm head like I do this every day. She was a little shocked that I was so polite and caring to her. Did the insurance thing with my company when the next day my phone goes, its her insurance company. They admitted fault right away and within ten minutes my car was getting picked up repaired and a hire car would be on its way.

    The lady at the centre said that the girls father was so grateful to me that offered to pay for everything.

    So manners and politeness won the day, plus she was a stunning brunette, but I was professional.

    Hope your two little ones are ok, its only a lump of metal at the end of the day. Hope you called the police though, cos that could have been a little old lady crossing the road.

  5. Blimey – lucky escape when all’s said and done. Glad to hear you’re all OK. You need a couple of medicinal episodes of Merlin to ensure a swift recovery…!

  6. Good grief! We’ve had a very small shunt & it was awful so goodness knows how you must all have felt. Well done for being able to be magnaimous. Double sweeties for you. Give me a ring if you need to rant or get together!!xx

  7. Like you I worry what my teenager will be like when he learns to drive. Problem is, although he is quite a sensible lad, it’s his daft mates he may take lifts from I worry about more, and I can’t do anything about that.
    Hope all gets sorted for you.

  8. I’m so sorry. Kids and driving. When my youngest son had saved enough money for a down payment on a beater-type car, he was so proud and it was like a lamborghini to him. The next day it snowed and he had never driven in snow. I tried to tell him how different it was driving in snow and that you had to start stopping sooner, etc. He just about yawned in my face and said he he knew all that, bla bla…..teenagers. That night I came home and he was lying on the sofa, comatose, staring at the ceiling. He had wrecked his new car. Now that was a learning lesson he never forgot. He still remembers it clearly and he’s in his 40’s.

    I’m very happy everyone is well.
    Love to all… Manzanita

  9. oh sweetheart! Wishing I could come round and give you a great big hug! Hope your neck is better soon, the ids sleeps again and the insurance gets sorted!

    I’m just pleased you weren’t injured badly. thank god for that car of yours!

  10. I’m so relieved you’re ok and completely understand how shocked you all must feel. It isn’t easy raising a man-child, I know but you know what you just need to take it day by day. If Hagar has anything to do with it I’m sure The Grenade won’t be the kid standing on the side of the road like that. I’m sure there will be a significant number of training sessions before he’ll allow him to even climb into the driving seat! I was taught to drive by an RAF fighter pilot and wasn’t allowed to leave the driveway until I was vaguely safe and knew all about the engine and how the car worked! Hang in there Clare, you are resourceful and strong and you can handle things until Hagar returns when you can take a break and step down from the CO role – at least for a while! xx

  11. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you were all okay. As parents, we give the tools necessary to make good life choices to our children. it is then up to them to implement these tools. You do what you can and hope for the best.

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