Justin Bieber’s Hair Is Wrong!

The Menace is 2 years old so I haven’t been exposed to Bieber Fever first hand from a screaming tween. Mrs Bowes-Lyon’s 8 year old is all over him like a cheap suit so I knew he existed. I happened upon him on The Graham Norton Show this week. I was just scrolling through Sky, heading to my nightly ritual of Two and a Half Men on Comedy Central and for no reason whatsoever, started watching the Graham Norton Show. I think it was because Miranda was on it and I am quite interested in her success because she is a very tall, manly, non-aphrodite women who is about to hit the big time with her sitcom.

Jack Black was on it too – he’s kind of fit in a chunky but funky kinda way. Anyway, on came the Bieber – he was fairly, and expectedly, precocious but I can forgive him that because who wouldn’t have a stellar ego, with the monumental success he has achieved at such tender years. But I couldn’t take my eyes off his hair!!

Part of me wanted to dive into the TV screen and then do a stealth ninja attack so that I could just ruffle it up! Can you imagine if you could do that? Do you think he would be pissed off if old birds like me kept coming up to him and ran our hands through his hair to sort his awful style out. My Home Girl Friday, who helps me out, said that ‘it’s the fashion for teens’. You know what, I am all for a bit fashion. When I was younger, I quite fancied Davy Jones from The Monkees, who also had a terrible barnet!

It’s just a bit disappointing because I can’t have an Old Lady Crush on Beiber, I am afraid. I am willing to share with you what’s getting this Old Bag hot in a wrong kind of rubbing my knees ‘Young Man – kind of way’

(Check out this You Tube – to see the masters of ‘Young Man’ at work. That will be me one day – I know it!)

Today’s Friday Eye Candy is:

Starting young and working up!

Zac Efron

Chanin Tatum

Matt Damon (although I don’t think he looks like this anymore!)

And just to make you smile this is one of my favourite You Tube clips, by Sarah Silverman, who is just singing all my dreams. 😉

Have a good weekend y’all.


10 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Hair Is Wrong!

  1. I’ll give you Matt Damon, only because he no longer has to get up at 6am to do his paper-round. The rest – forget it! I think there may be laws against it.

    This hair thing, does my head right in. I don’t just want to ruffle it I want to chop the sodding fridge off. This Beiber kid (who I’ve never seen or heard, thankfully), has a lot to answer for, this hideous hairstyle seems to be popping up all over the place. Don’t these young boys realise they’ll get acne on their forehead, let alone the fact that they look complete tools!


    • Channing Tatum is old enough!! You need to check him out in Step Up. I accept Zac is pushing the curve a little. Listen to you angry old lady – I think some hair terrorism is the order of the day. The trouser thing with the pants showing that is also wrong.

  2. Ooooo Channing Tatum is quite delicious in a very dirty kind of way…..the rest aren’t my type!!! My little Chick lurves Justin Beiber and Santa is bringing her tickets to go and see him….oh what fun we shall have 😉

    • I love Step Up and he’s in GI Joe. Yum, yum – he’s not such a young ‘un. I do accept that Zac Efron is a snipsy bit wrong but as it is not ever going to happen I don’t mind having a little leg rub over him. I don’t think I could handle a Justin Bieber concert! I think you should blog it though!!

  3. Glad to say I have avoided the Beiber – probably helped by having 2 sons who would scoff at his hair and his singing. He looks irritating in the extreme and I’m sure his career will be bright but brief. As for the abs and pecs and 6 packs… well, as you know, I admire anyone who fills their blog with eyecandy just for the sheer hell of it.

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