Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

I was on BBC Radio Wiltshire this morning talking about the impact of Defence cuts on military families. Should he stay or should he go? Military defence cuts at what price? I forgot to say in the interview that UK plc has invested approx. £3 million on Hagar’s training – cuts now mean they will lose good people, with vital experience that we have invested large sums of tax payer’s cash into. Effectively withdrawing too early on the investment!!

To listen to the interview:

We are feeling lucky that Hagar is part of the Chinook force but cutting any of the manpower means that people will stretched to the limit. The fatigue will eventually show – people are already breaking! It’s not a Defence force to just fight the enemies of Britain – it’s also constantly changing weather patterns. The military are the 4th emergency service the minute a natural disaster strikes. What do you think the impact of Defence cuts will be? At what price is a nation’s security?


4 thoughts on “Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

  1. Size of UK forces should depend on an honest answer of what is expected UK mission? Defend the island? Be the balls and brains behind NATO?

    Seems to me threats in 21st century will continue to be assymetric, coming mostly from failed states / Pakistan, so UK need an appropriate force. Helos and Chinooks for sure, Royal Marines most definately…but perhaps those multi-pound nuclear boats are no longer necessary…

  2. On the one hand the UK govt has to make cuts across the board in all sectors of society including the military as they are in debt up to their eyeballs. I don’t know why Cameron is constantly criticized for doing that. On the other hand obviously the cuts will affect families like yours and many good people will leave the military due to job insecurity, lack of benefits etc. So I can see both sides I guess. Great radio interview by the way!

  3. I think you summed it up best by the phrase “withdrawing too early on the investment”. I realize cuts have to be made but I have little faith in the “plan” the Coalition seem to be following and I feel anything but safe in their hands.

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