Point Break

The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. It’s tough one – there is a definitely a culture of ‘don’t air your dirty linen in public’ or even ‘keep calm and carry on!’

As a nation we Brits are a stoical bunch and it’s very uncouth to complain but really I have to say it……

“LIBYA – WTF!!!?”

“CAMERON & FOX – NO!!” (Read in the style of that Harry Enfield character – you know the one. See pic below for all my overseas readers.)

Let’s strip the military to it’s bare minimum. Let’s completely under resource the guys and gals and then let’s push them to the limit on the International stage. The Military is all about the TASK. The Government asks of it’s commanders, “can we achieve the task?”

The commanders say, ‘yes, we can achieve the task!’

The Government says, ‘then let the battle commence!”

And off we go, pushing the guys and gals to the edge of their limits and beyond.
But nobody asks, ‘what is the cost to those people who deliver the task?’

The Military and the Government care about the task but who cares about the people?

(Me – I do!!)

I have been embedded inside the Military war machine for 13 years now. I have watched boys to turn to men. I have watched good people make a Faustian pact with promotion and sell their mates down the river. There are a few good men left but they are rare as rocking horse shit. Those that push hardest get ahead. Those men are focused purely on the task and not the people.

It’s all about the task but I ask you, what of the people they are breaking?

Everyone is twitchy. Should I jump or should I wait for the push? When is it a good time to go? The flood gates are already starting to open and it’s only going to get worse. Watch this space.

Those that stay are starved of resources, stripped of assets and pushed to breaking point……stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, stress…..

Either freeze the cuts, stop the redundancies, invest in the military, or carry on with the cuts and don’t break what we have got by sending them on missions that ultimately will shatter them. Those people are someone’s sons and daughters, who trust in the Government to protect their interests so that they can serve our Nation’s best interests. In my opinion, the Military and the Government are not serving the people of the military’s best interests. They are too busy being focused on the task.


(Skulks off to Anderson shelter to hide from barrage of abuse from various individuals.)


25 thoughts on “Point Break

  1. With you here. Umm – could we do with a few aircraft carriers and harriers? Oops – but we don’t have them any more. And all our ground troops are in Afghanistan and the RAF are supporting yhem there. What’s left? Captain Mainwaring and his platoon?

  2. I think your Marines, sailors, soldier,s and airmen are an example of all that is good and noble in Great Britain today. Yes, the families left behind are unseen collateral damage (as always); but wouldn’t you rather be one of the Few, instead of part of a flash mob of lightweights?

    • The Govt needs to invest in the military if they are to deliver the task. They are too thinly spread and it is breaking the ‘few’. It’s a joke – you wouldn’t accept it in the USA. Your Govt wouldn’t asset strip the Military like ours has. This is not ok! The UK Military at the moment is as stable as that nuclear reactor in Japan!!

  3. The situation is getting gnarlier by the minute… I agree with every word you say. Sadly the emotional and physiological welfare of our soldiers seems to be the last thing we, the media or the Government care or even think about. It’s a bad situation that’s going to bite us on the ass.

  4. I’d been losing interest in your blog. The commercial aspect wasn’t really my thing. You cut through it, today. I pictured myself being married to Mr Rocking Horse Shit. I love it when you cut to the chase and call a spade a spade.

  5. Whilst I agree with the gist of the post regarding the UK military machine as a whole ….

    RAF Tornado and Typhoon crews pushed to the limit?

    You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?

    They fly a couple of times a week, at best. They’re not exactly over-commited in Afghanistan. In fact the Typhoons don’t do anything other than QRA (and boy do they like to milk the PR machine at every opportunity on that one).

    Do be brief!

  6. As a military wife in the US for the last 10 years, I couldn’t agree with you more. While we may not use the same way of describing how incredibly insane our governments are when it comes to our militaries, it is FUBAR. I’m sure you know that one, fucked up beyond all recognition.
    My husband is on his 7th deployment since 2002. Right now, our government can’t even set a budget and it is threatening the military’s pay. Governments like ours need to find a way to be better to the military members or else they will continue to lose the good ones.
    Well said, my friend, hugs to you from here in Colorado.

  7. Can’t we put you in charge of the military? I just don’t understand how the country can be broke but then in a nanosecond, we are committed to yet another military action in another Muslim country. Our history with them isn’t that great but still no-one learns anything and I can’t help wondering if they just want to rub Gaddafi’s nose in the proverbial as payback for Al Magrahi/Yvonne Fletcher/Lockerbie. After all, the Emir of Bahrain is firing on his own people too but all he gets is ‘can we sell you more teargas?’.

    We should not be sending any soldiers or airmen into a war situation without the proper equipment and as far as I can see, in all areas of the military, this is not the case. We are so overstretched as it is xx

  8. I’m with Steve on this. The psychological impact on those sent in ‘to battle’ is always glossed over.
    My question is this: if there were no oil at stake, would there be such a ‘gung-ho’ attitude towards intervention by Western governments?
    I think not. Remember Rwuanda.

    LCM x

  9. Hurrah for a proper rant! I’m one of those lentil-eating, CND-types so I won’t comment on the content for fear of being lynched, but very eloquently put and I LOVE it when I come across a punchy voice in blogland. Pig x

    • I am a lentil-eating CND types too! But my sense of fair play if you are going to send the war mongering maniacs into battle at least give them a chance of not turning into a complete mentalist.

      Check out my Men and War post – you’ll love. It’s very Freudian!

      Thanks for popping by – nice to meet you Pig.

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