Refrigerate Me

Emma K at Mommy Has A Headache tagged me to show you the contents of my fridge.

It’s true that I am Monica from Friends when it comes to tidi-ness. I would love to live in Gap Shop (pristine pre-punter arrival to unfold) state of order. I aspire to it! One day I will have my stock cubes filed and labeled!!

Anyway without further ado – here are the contents of my fridge! (It’s a weird request really!)

Very dull and not that tidy – yes, I am out of milk and I need to go shopping!!

But more excitingly – I have just taken stock of 6 Gloucester Old Spots Piggies with a community group, we have named the Pig Posse – for Pig Posse Porkers Sausage Watch click here and ‘Like’ our page. In 4 months time we’ll have some bangers for sale!!

Now is this the kind of husbandry I’ll be better equipped to get the hang off?!! The other kind I am clearly rubbish at! Plus we have two ickle lambs joining them too. I am also very excited because they’ll turn over that piece of land without me having to do it!!

To order your meat – email me:


5 thoughts on “Refrigerate Me

  1. Damn. Someone else with a fridge far more organized and cleaner than mine. I refuse to partake fof this meme on… er… principle.

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