No Broadband!

I am in hell. I have no internet connection at home now for the third month. I am comms down!! Please bear with me. I will be back soon I promise.

I need it fixed as I have reviews galore to do, and also, I am about to start the next Toys R Us Toyologist programme with lots of great giveaways. Plus Hagar’s deployment is imminent and the summer is coming. The piggies are growing nicely and I am a planning a music festival in my garden. There is tonnes going on. Not to mention I miss you all.

Please universe, please fix my internet connection. (I won’t bore you with the details but it has been a catalogue of errors from start to finish. The service provider is Sky but I am sticking with them.) Or as The Menace says ‘Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese’.

Thank you for your patience. Please don’t leave me. Love y’all AMMM xxxx


4 thoughts on “No Broadband!

  1. Oh lord that’s awful, not sure how I’d survive, well done for getting this far. Are they on twitter – going public on an issue with Royal Mail got their fab twitter bugs onto it immediately and it was sorted after ages going down the trad route, use lots of hashtags for sky broadband etc to grab their attention. Hope your all OK otherwise xx

  2. Sounds horrendous! No internet connection? How can you live? It sounds like complete sensory deprivation! Here’s hoping Sky get their big end sorted out soon!

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