Spa Mums

I dream of being a Go-To-Spa-Mum so I am launching this page for all your spa providers to offer me spa days and beauty treatments that I will review here.

Us mum’s are abused by our children as we are incarcerated in a life of servitude, growing them, guiding on the path of righteous-ness. Our ageing husbands wither gradually and comfortably slip into the role of additional child and then next thing you know we all need a day at the spa to recover from systemic, societal abuse that marriage, child bearing, divorce, single parenting and coping ensures. All feminism and equality did was double the work for women. Show some appreciation for us please and take us to the spa as often as possible.

Spa and beauty providers lure me with your wonderful products and I will promote your offers to women everywhere who want to get their pedicure on.

I am launching a new concept! F*ck the Stay-At-Home-Mum, f*ck the Work-From-Home-Mum, f*ck the Working Mum and let’s have the Spa Mum – I am here ready, waiting and available for wooing.

Just email me:


An Arabian Massage – a review of a massage at the Dubai Polo Club, Angsana Spa

12 thoughts on “Spa Mums

  1. Hang on Hang on Hang on…if there is a spa buddy to be had it has GOT to be me…my digestive system is still recovering from ‘that’ past incident! x

  2. There is ‘al dente’ and AL DENTEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..pasta is not meant to shatter into smithereens and is definitely not meant to be ‘warmed through’ with ricotta!!!

  3. MODERN MILITARY SPA MUMS OFFER! All military spa mums are invited to a FREE day of relaxing meditation, and some specific communication training that supports great relationship skills. Hope to see a bunch of you there. Please have a look-see what we are doing for servicemen, veterans and military wives and partners at:
    The day will be relaxing and fun, and also includes some more serious stuff to do with supporting loved ones coming home with combat stress.

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