Writing CV

I ghost wrote the Sunday Times bestseller, battlefield memoir, called ‘Immediate Response’, in-conjunction with a serving Royal Marine Major, which was published by Michael Joseph, in September 09. In the second week of sales entered at number 9 in The Sunday Times hardback non-fiction top 10 bestseller list.

I started the blog A Modern Military Mother to help explain life from the other side of the British military. There are so many mis-conceptions about military life that I felt it was time to put the record straight. My husband over the next 2.5 years will be deploying on several occasions to Afghanistan. This is the story of that journey and also to some extent the marriage that has gone before.

I am also PR_Totty and runs PR_Totty’s media ops on http://www.arrse.co.uk aka The Army Rumour Service

I am a writer who can write about anything. I am looking for commissions that enable me to write and be paid at the same time.

Email: amodernmilitarymother@gmail.com

Military Writers Society of America
The Society of Women Writers & Journalists
The Society of Authors


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