PR Whoring & Advertising

Having worked as PR pimp for 14 years I can hardly get all snooty and say that I am beyond prostituting myself for free stuff. Hell no!! However, I do have some sense of boundaries, I am not like Beckhams, and will sell myself to the highest bigger over the coolest bidder, or am I? I’ll cross that bridge if I ever get to it! Chocolate coated brasil nuts made in Japan, anyone?

So if all the lovely, gorgeous, thin PR impresarios would like to solicit me, this is what I am interested in reviewing and learning more about:

Beer (by Hagar)
Food (finest and family)
Health & Beauty
Personal shopping
Supermarket shopping
Dvds, books and wii games

Hotels (Romantic for couples)
Family Hotels (with Hagar and without)
Family days out or weekends away, including adventure days – especially if you have a military discount
Theatre tickets
Film premieres
VIP Oscar attendances

IT products (By Hagar)
Gadgets galore (By Hagar)
Outdoor kit (By Hagar)

Domestic services:
– Housekeeping
– Nannies/au pairs
– Gardeners
– Lifestyle management
– Nutritionists
– Cooks
– PA
– Personal trainers
– Gym membership
– Personal finance

Cosmetic Surgery
– Tummy tuck
– Lipo
– Teeth
– Legs

– eco-living
– recycling
– energy efficiency
– eco-gardening
– self sufficiency

Small business
– Accounting
– Bookkeeping
– Entrepreneurialism
– Business mentorship

Feel free to improve and enhance my life in every way.


This will be set up in the autumn.

If you want to advertise with me, then drop me an email:


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