Released in UK cinemas 22nd April 2011.

Russell Brand has recorded a World Exclusive video introduction for the Arthur Movie UK Facebook page.

First, of all I loved the original film and I loved all of Dudley Moore’s films. But at the same time I am a closet Russell Brand fan. I loved My Booky Wooky. He’s such a bad boy that Russell Brand that I can’t help but admire his front. I like it that he pushed boundaries of indeceny.

In the opening scene, he started speaking in what I thought was an imitation of Dudley Moore’s voice and I thought please no. If you are going to speak like that throughout the whole film it’s going to be really irritating.

I can’t remember when I last watched the original so I wasn’t too swayed by it. The remake is a cheesy but easy watch. I genuinely chuckled in places. The voice settled and he didn’t keep it up over the film. I could see that Helen Mirren has plumped her lips. I could see that Jennifer Garner has plumped hers too. Russell Brand waxes his chest but not regularly enough because that was pretty visible. Also, his hair is very dyed.

The fact that these facial features were projected so clearly on the big screen was a bit off putting. Do we have to such clarity of visibility that I can see that Russell Brand has a whitehead on his back that needs a bit of a squeeze?

On the whole I enjoyed Arthur. It’s not an Oscar winner but it’s easy to watch and I genuinely laughed.


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